Practical pathophysiology.Topical guide

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ISBN: 9786197137156
Автор:Ganka Bekyarova,Krasimir Hristov
Издател:Medical university of Varna
Година на издаване: 2014
Брой на страници: 176
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The primary purpose of Practical Pathophysiology: - Topical Guideline is to provide students beginning their formal education in the health sciences with a resource they can use to begin to develop their pathophysiology knowledge together with clinical problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This guideline, which has to provide a strong link between theory and practice, was designed for use by medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, and allied health students. The main concept of this guideline is based on the principle that clinical manifestations of an illness are directly associated with the pathophysiology of human disease. The guideline provides a straightforward approach to integrating basic pathophysiology, risk factors, physical examination findings, and clinical laboratory data for different problems that the students are angaged with, during their basic medical education. Review summaries of selected major health problems allow students to develop effective methods of clinical assessment and disease management. The major goals of the guideline are: to provide a basic, straightforward, and current resource tool for medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, and allied health students who have minimal experience in their medical education; to provide an opportunity for students in the health sciences to develop their clinical critical thinking skills by selecting appropriate disease management options through theoretical pathophysiology knowledge, practical experimental training and a clinical case study approach.
The use of case studies in this workbook does not require extensive knowledge and experience in human medicine. Case studies are basic, concise, and introduce the student to new medical terms and medical abbreviations that are commonly used by health professionals.
The guideline can be used to complement a variety of basic pathophysiology textbooks.
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