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Рентгенология и Ехография

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ISBN: ISBN: 9781455742257
Автор: Fred A. Mettler Jr.
Издателство: Saunders
Година на издаване: 2013
Обем: 320стр.
Корици: меки

Take image interpreting one step at a time with Essentials of Radiology, the most accessible radiology text on the market for gaining a foothold on the fundamentals. Breathe easy - this reference assumes no prior knowledge of radiology, making it the perfect choice for anyone just starting out in the field. Whether you're a student or resident, you'll appreciate how expert radiologist, Dr. Mettler, masterfully distills all the information you need, in precisely the right way.
Gain a rich understanding of recent advances in the diagnostic imaging of abdominal, pelvic, and retroperitoneal conditions, and take advantage of this text's sharp focus on the most common pathologic entities and rarer life-threatening conditions.
Explore the radiologic evaluation of headaches, hypertension, low back pain, and other challenging conditions.
Approach imaging with confidence through the help of Dr. Mettler's straightforward, digestible, and enjoyable style. He makes it simple to learn the radiology basics by breaking down chapters into bodily regions or systems, equipping you with easily referenced and useful information.
Take the mystery out of interpreting any image by viewing over 500 outstanding pictures. Images of disease entities are shown alongside normal ones, offering you an ideal frame of reference for accurate interpretation.
Understand and apply the latest diagnostic imaging techniques with a completely updated text that mirrors today's most recent advances. Conveniently access the full text and image library online at www.expertconsult.com.

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